Preferred Dance Photographer Spotlight

Rick Belden - Charlotte, North Carolina

Rick Belden Body Wrappers Preffered Dance Photographer

Rick Belden is an award winning professional photographer with over 25 years experience.  During this time he has photographed for numerous companies and brands along with several magazines.  These publications range from motorsports racing and equestrian all the way to fashion, fitness and of course dance.  Rick has photographed 47 Magazine Covers and countless features over the years.  Being a retired professional athlete and also having (2) daughters who dance, his love of working with strong artistic people was a natural fit for his photographic style.  Rick has specialized in capturing Dancers for the past decade and really focuses on not only their artistic attributes but also their amazing athletic gifts.  He is very passionate about creating high quality art with clients, and his favorite saying regarding this genre:  "Strong is Beautiful!”  

Photo 1 Dancers: Jacy Klein and Juan Castellanos of Charlotte Ballet,  Photo 2 Dancer: Jacy Klein of Charlotte Ballet


Heather O'Steen - Baltimore, Maryland

Heather O'Steen Dance Photographer

Heather O'Steen is a published, award winning, nationally recognized Baltimore based photographer with over 15 years experience specializing in dance.  She enjoys creating powerful and captivating photographs that capture the grace, strength and soul of the dancer which are designed to visually inspire.  Described by her clients as 'timeless,' 'captivating,' and 'graceful,'  Heather's photos tell a story and reach out and touch the heart and soul of the viewer. 

 She has a great passion for showing others just how much they are loved, appreciated and accepted for exactly who they are as a dancer and as a human being.  Her goal is to capture the beauty of exactly who you are right now, every body type, every skill level, because you will never be just like this again.  In her years of photographing live dance events, stage photography, groups and individuals, Heather has defined a style that freezes that fraction of a second that our own eyes seem to miss, and capture it forever. 

 Heather has created a large dance photography ambassador team of dancers from 20 different dance studios, whose goal is to bring the dance community together in a way that has never been done before.  Using the art of dance photography along with her team mission of 'community over competition', she and her ambassadors pride themselves on creating safe and age appropriate dance portraits and making new waves of unity within the world of dance.

Heather O'Steen Dance Photography Heather O'Steen Dance Photography

Garrett McGuinness - Hudson Valley, NY 

Garrett McGuinness Dance Photography

Garrett possesses a passion for capturing moments of happiness and enjoys collaborating with artists and creatives alike.  From Wappingers Falls, just north of New York City, Garrett is a proud husband, father, and photographer.  Over a decade ago, Garrett found dance photography and has enjoyed it ever since. Garrett finds fulfillment in his work, and especially enjoys the adventures and connections he's made along the way. From studio picture days and elaborate artist solo sessions, to collaborating with brands, there's no project Garrett isn't willing to take on.            Instagram: @garrettdancephotography