Individual Affiliate Program


Here at Body Wrappers, we believe in the power of the community. We know that the values and ideas we stand for are close to the heart of many people around the world. Do you love BW and want to become an Ambassador? Sign up TODAY! If you’re passionate about dance and want to represent in the dance community we would love to have you as part of our team! 

It’s only logical that we are committed to incentivize people that are spreading the word about Body Wrappers®, helping us grow our community. Traction is the key for the success of our lifestyle brand and we aim to grow fast.

And this is why today we are happy to announce the launch of our Affiliate Partnership Program.

 Our program lets you make money by partnering with us as an affiliate and earning a whopping 20% commission from the revenue that we take from the transactions acquired by the users you add in our ecosystem.

Note, that the program is limited up to 1,000 people.

 Affiliate Promotes BW on social platforms
Potential customer clicks on the posts
Customer orders at BW
Affiliate receives a 20% commissions


    We are proud of the service we provide to out customers and know you will be please as well with becoming an affiliate. If you should have further questions please feel free to contact me!