246A/246C 246A/246C
246A / 246C 246A / 246C
246A / 246C 246A / 246C
246A / 246C 246A / 246C
246A/246C 246A/246C
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totalSTRETCH® Canvas Ballet Slipper

Style: 246A / 246C

Antibacterial & Wicking Stretch Canvas

• high protective, secure front vamp
• machine washable antimicrobial moisture wicking stretch canvas
• anatomically curved last for left & right foot
• foam cushion lining
• elastic drawstring
• suede leather sole & heel patch
• spongy cotton heel insole
• short front sole & long pleats
• stain resistant

Adult: 3–11½ M, W (in Black, Jazzy Tan, White)
3–10 N(in Peach)
Adult Large Sizes: 12–13½ M, W(in Black, Jazzy Tan, White)
Child: 10–2½ M, W (in Black, Peach)
1–2½ M, W (in Jazzy Tan),
10–2½ M (in White)

Includes half sizes

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Color Swatch
Color Swatch
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